Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Refined Adventure Story is Released!

After much blood, sweat, tears, yarn, ink, paint and quill pens, I am proud to announce that the book 'Needles and Artifice' has been published!  From Cooperative Press, it's a book of fantastic knitting patterns, wondrous photography, an intriguing adventure story and (in my opinion) illustrations of the most charming kind.  I was the main illustrator for the project, so I'm rather biased, I do admit.

It's available in digital format right this moment and print copies are on their way soon, so if you're interested have a look here.  To tempt you, here are some photos of a few of the patterns in the book:

(I've actually knit this pattern, it's fantastic for fall.)

All photos © Jessica Glein

So there you have it, a sampling from 'Needles and Artifice'- a book lovingly created by a group of tenacious, creative ladies who like to knit.  And by the way, Neil Gaiman seems to like it!

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