Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, fudge.

It seems like one of those good news / bad news days.  All centered on tattoo design.  On the happy, confetti throwing front: the tattoo I was commissioned to draw awhile back; well she liked the end results so much that I've now been asked to do another in the same style.  Of course, as she'd like the tattoos to connect up I have to somehow wedge the new design into what was originally intended as a stand-alone piece.  A head-scratcher to be sure, but not that worrisome.  

Now on the the universe-would-like-you-to-hand-you-a-lemon front:  the color work for said original tattoo is not going to be used.  Outside of a rather general 'well that flower is red' sort of way.  It never took off past the general sketches because the tattoo artist  has their vision of how the coloring should go and that's how it's going to be.  I can understand that, they'll be the one doing the actual work.  Now it feels like it's not really my art, though.  

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