Friday, April 10, 2009

Irony is everywhere

Will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut?  Survey says: No.  I forgot the fundamentals; much like never taking a shower or saying 'what could possibly go wrong' if you're in a horror movie,  when visiting a doctor never crack a joke about what they might find.   Splayed out like the catch of the day on the examining table at the dermatologists, when asked what my plans were later on in the day I jauntily replied that it would depend on whether or not she was going to be taking any chunks out of my backside.  Rather difficult to get back to work when you've been perforated, har har aren't I amusing, so on and such.  About thirty seconds later, Doc Z goes 'Er, well, actually...."  I think that eventually they'll have enough skin samples out of me  to create an entirely new person.  

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