Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chocolate Chips & Rocket Ships

I'm tremendously excited to announce that the Kickstarter funding of Chocolate Chips & Rocket Ships has launched!

Q: Eh?  What's that?
A: Chocolate Chips & Rocket Ships is 99 1/2 poems written by John O'Marra and illustrated by 100 different artists!

Q:  So then, Kickstarter???
A:  Yes!  All the poems (and accompanying artwork) will be slowly released on the Kickstarter page and the Chocolate Chips & Rocket Ships homepage.  If the funding goal is met, then Chocolate Chips & Rocket Ships gets turned into a lovely shiny hardcover book.

Q: Who are the other artists involved?
A:  Well, so far up on the site- with many more to come- are: Wylie Elise Beckert, Shawn McManus, Yoshi Yoshitani, Kristin Abbott, Tim Probert, Mizna Wada and David Wenzel.

Q:  So the artwork you did for the project is still secret?
A:  Sort of!  If you wander over to the Kickstarter page and watch the promotion video, you might see a few seconds of a painting with a yellow background where some dinosaurs are up to something.  Sneaky!

But why not watch the video right now?


  1. It was a really neat project; I'm glad I got the chance to be a part of it!