Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mischief Afoot

I was recently given the go-ahead to talk about one of the latest projects I've been toiling away on: a book with the Ladies of Mischief. If you recall the last post mentioning Victorian locks and crochet hooks, well, that's what that was for!

It is, to quote their blog, 'a steampunk production in needles and artifice'. There will be knitting! Airships! Sheep of a most curious nature! And of course, Ladies of Mischief. Check it out right here. And in that line, here is what I've been working on most recently for the book (with production phases for the curious!).

The scribble stage of the airship- Much easier to try out all the little details here than working on the final drawing and finding out at the last second you don't like the look of it after all.

The ink stage- Not my usual choice for doing color art, but the concept called for the final piece to look like a sample from an aged notebook. Walnut ink does work well for that, even if I find that pen and ink is murder on the hands. Ow.

Background and aging- Since it's meant to be an old document, I inkwashed and spattered up a separate sheet of paper then scanned it in for the background. A nice aging effect without risking a spot in the wrong place.

The final touch- A touch of color correcting and a few more bits of distressing the paper and we're done!

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