Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ranting and tattoo design

It's incomprehensible to me how some individuals take deadlines as mere suggestions; I'd rather be gutted with a lampshade than miss one of my project deadlines.  I gave my word that I'd be done by such-and-such a date, so that's when it's going to be done.  The end.  If it's otherwise then you're going to be hearing about a freak accident/natural disaster accompanied by profuse apologies and offers of a refund.  So, oh nameless printing company with whom is my extreme displeasure to work with, get off your duffs and ship out my prints.  Three weeks and buckets full of stale excuses later and I've had enough.

So on to something that's actually of interest.  Based on the floral designs in my portfolio I'd received a commission to do a design for a tattoo.  Yes,
 someone actually likes my work enough to wear it.  All made slightly more difficult by the fact that it would be covering most of the back and that they already had an existing tattoo in the shape of a giant Y on there.  Tracing paper saves the day once again!

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